JavaFX enables developers to make brilliant UIs.
All the possibilities it delivers with effects, animation, media and the high adaptability makes JavaFX the choice to be for rich client applications.
It gives you the possibility to separate the appearance from logic and already comes with a pretty and modern skin which does not remind us the usual look of a old-fashioned Swing UI. Not enough, if this does not suit all needs, JavaFX has a outstanding simple way to customize the look by CSS.

But what about the OS?

As a Mac user I know the situation that an application doesn't 'feel right', if the L&F is so different to everything else running on your system.
So to satisfy all needs of JavaFX developers and their customers I started the project AquaFX. This project is a skin, especially for JavaFX applications, which makes your application a part of the OS with some simple lines of code.

AquaFX starts as my bachelor thesis, because the demand for native skins exists and my passion for JavaFX and Mac OS can be indulged with a thesis, which wants to be accomplished.

AquaFX styles your application to the Aqua theme of Mac OS X, used in "Mountain Lion". The backgrounds, Buttons and all JavaFX Controls look like being a part of Mac OS.
Still, there is a lot of work to do and some special needs and non-standard Controls are stil not supplied.

In JavaFX a skin, styled with CSS, cannot just set the layout for one dedicated OS but for every OS JavaFX is running on. For this reason AquaFX can, except of some OS-specific features, be applied on any application on any system. Although this might not the main target of AquaFX. (But maybe, you want to convice some users of other OS )

To demonstrate what AquaFX can do, here are some examples of styled dialogs executed on different OS for development.